Sunday, June 12, 2011

D day

So today was D day at my house. My kids left for summer vacation and I am miserable. My husband is driving them out there. So that leaves me myself ...well with the wonder dogs and I am just sad.

I miss the sounds of bickering, the laughing, the chatter. I miss the sounds of people who love me and whom I love more than anything.

I hate being alone. With the quiet thinking ...thinking of things I cant answer. Like how did I get here...why cant I be with them? Why do I have to work at job I hate when I should clearly be with my kids.

Sigh. I am hoping the voices shut off and I find a way to tame them. To find my peace and work on myself I dont have to work on anyone else for a while.

Off to read the paper and look at the sale flyers.


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