Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinning dinner and other things....

I have found a new hobby of sorts...well to be honest it is not a hobby. It is becoming a little bit of an It is a virtual pin board.

It is fun. You can pin anything you like up and it is great. It has been super useful for finding neat crafts to do, cakes to make and great recipes.
Plus I have found great organizing tips online.

Tonight I made peperoni casserole that was great.

Also I made Chubby Hubby bars...which were to die for...

Proof is my kiddos are eating it:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My best friend Monica is having a baby any minute. I have been trying to make cloth diapers like a mad woman... and my machine has been being a pain.

And my needle kept snapping

And oh I had never sewn with elastic.

So finally here is the first one:

So happy ....isn't that great.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working mom...or just a crazy mom?

Well as most of my family and friends who read this know, for two years when we first moved here to Duluth Mn from Miramar Fl 6 years ago, I stayed home. I went back to work when Mikey went to school, as finding daycare here for him was hard.

So whats the point you might ask ? Well since then I have become this weird version of myself, never having enough time to do it all or even come close. The first two years I struggled to find myself, I mean who was I? I have two beautiful children but I was not able to do the mom things I wanted to do. I also couldn't do the work things I wanted, I do not have teaching license here and because MN is so s, in order for me to have it I would have to do more school. The reason that was out is that I owe over 70 grand for the three degrees I currently don't use, there are not a whole lot of teaching jobs here and with working full time, I did not want to give up more time with my kids.

So I work in Corporate America, and it is okay. But the hard part for me is finding that balance. Getting dinner on the table when I might be working over fifty hours a week, or getting my kids to their after school activities on time, being okay with having to miss things like my daughter's girl scout installment because I have to work.

My biggest help in finding my balance is planning. This year I am using a new organization system. I bought the motivated mom system again

and I also found some additional pages that I just loved here: It is the dayplanner link

I printed them all out at office max and I am picking them today. Super exciting. I also bought a great mom calendar, I have always used the busy mom calendar but this year I went with a different one. I liked it because it came with magnets.

I am off to clean up the house and do my errands.

I am looking for a good recipe system, if you have one that makes your meal time easy, let me know.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cookie Caper?

Well I baked again and I am having problems.

Not sure what is going on. When I baked my Christmas cookies they all came out flat and gross a little bit....okay a lot.

I checked everything I used and discovered that both my baking powder and baking soda had just expired.

So I bought new ones. WEll tonight I baked again, and while these are not as bad....they are not good.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I have never had this problem....the weird thing is as bad as they look, they taste good