Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sizzling Saturday

Happy Saturday. I got up early and cleaned my house this morning.

I have been putting it off since the kids left. I have piles of their clothes that did not make the cut to go to Ny. I miss them.

I started going through the piles of school work. And have started getting rid of things I do not need.

I need to get more organized. I need to figure out the house thing. I see others houses and always wonder how they do it.

My goal is work on every area and make changes. I need to be okay with getting rid of the clutter.

I will think about this and then go forward.

I am still doing Weight Watchers. And it is going slowly. I lost .5 this week. I am going to up my protein and cut back on the carbs.

It is hot here now and the basement from the flood is coming along. I am tired of cleaning it all up.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

One week down

My kids have been gone a week. And it is going okay. I miss them like crazy but they are having so much fun.

Sometimes ( a lot) of the time I feel like I am a bad parent because I work full time and can not give my kids this summer experience myself. I think that is the hard part. I want to be that mom. I do a lot of things for my kids and I know that.

Sometimes I think that is my problem. I try to over compensate because I work and feel guilty. So I work my 40 hours and sometimes more. And then volunteer, I am a boyscout popcorn mom for our Pack and pack trainer, Girl Scout cookie mom and drive for field trips. I teach religious education and then drive car pool for swim team, dance and Mikey's therapies. I also am a swim team judge and help at meets.

I want to be there and be involved but I also need to work. I do not know how to find that balance or how to say No. I am trying to do better with that one.

My goal for while the kids are gone is to work on me and my house. I am not the most organized and never have been. Because during the week I am so on the go I tend to dump things and not deal with that.

So I did have a plan set to start but then we had the flood. So I am starting this week. This week is washing all laundry and getting it all away. And cleaning out clothes that do not fit. And the shoes need to fixed. I have a sorting system but that is not working and the snow boots are still out....I think I might have a problem.

I will update on Wed ... I hope.