Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow Long time no post

So the last time I posted was a long time ago...and my kids were going out to Ny for the summer.

They went and they had the best time ever. I missed them but I had a great summer with Michael, my husband not son just to clear up.

We were adults again and got to spent time together...found us, each as of us grew as adults, and then together as a couple.

My kids got to have one of the best summers ever with their grandparents and grew closer together and with my family. They got to go to North Carolina and see their cousins.

I also got a new job... and I love my new job. It is so much better and I am so much better. I wish I could be home still but that still isnt in the cards.

Christmas has just passed and the new year is upon us. I am ready to make some changes and looking forward to the up coming year.

What is your 2012 going to bring?


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