Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I love blogs ... I love the concept of them and I love to read them. But I have trouble doing it. I think that not knitting as much and working so much has really affected me and my ability to do things.

So I am going to really try and have two ideas in mind. My kiddos are taking off to their grandparents house for the Summer. I have already gone through the guilt of they are leaving me syndrome. What I would love to do it take control back over my life and myself. Find myself if you will.

So the major areas will be my house and myself.

I am going to post weekly but I would love to to daily posts. I am going to weigh in, and then blog about my diet, my routine and my progress. I need to find myself again and part of that is shedding my weight.

I need to learn who I am and stop hiding. I am okay with me but I know I can be better.

Who is with me?


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