Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Year's goals early

I never keep my January goals, I plan to and never do this. This year I am starting now because I want to change, I want to accomplish things and most importantly I want to change.

I had a conversation with someone I know and they said something to effect " You must love yourself first"

The thing is I do not like myself right now, and have not for  while and it is time to start liking myself and my life.

So I am starting 365 Changes, this is an blog that I ran across,

So Day one is to set your goals. My goals are:

1) Lose weight- I am not setting a number as the whole number is too overwhelming
2) Be confident with myself
3) Be more patient with myself and my children
4) Quit smoking (i have) and stay an ex-smoker
5) give myself an hour to work out everyday
6) Pray everyday
7) Read with my kids every night and have us time

This is my initial goal list... Tomorrow will be day 2 and more goals.

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