Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer...Where does the time go

The end of summer is almost here. Well for Mike and I, it is here. We will be leaving shortly to drive home to NY and be with my family and reunite with our children.

Every year the summer has been different. The first trip out was the hardest, last year we had a flood that kept us busy and not missing them so much. This year we had the flood before they left. My kids are older now and really cherish the time with their grandparents. Of course it helps that there are no time outs and no words of no...well not to often.

They got to travel to North Carolina to see my brother and his new baby, they went to swimming lessons, Danielle went her first real concert and Mikey learned how to read.

Now to clarify Mikey knew his letters and could piece together some words. But for all the money we spent on tutors, and extra programs Mikey could not make the connection of words being letters.

I am so sad that I missed this piece of his learning. I have spent so many hours trying to build that bridge and I am so grateful for my parents who found Ms Beverly a tutor who connected with him and broke through this wall.

As I pack to go home, it is funny that I feel more like I am going home and not on vacation. Minnesota is not home. And that is something that has hit me as well. I think it is time to move on. We have been here six years, five years longer than I thought I we would be. I know things change, and I get that but I also know that this is a house, and not a home. I miss my family and friends.

I will work on Mike while we are out there.

Be safe


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