Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent season

The Lent season is upon us. I am feeling a bit out of sorts with what to give Combine this with my need to regain my house back from clutter and another bloggers post found here

So for lent I have made my own 40 bags in 40, it will be a daily lent project. So here is my list

1. Kitchen cabinet (the one with the tupperware)
2. The hallway linen closet
3. Dresser in my bedroom
4. Tv stand in my bedroom
5. My closet
6. Danielle's closet
7. Mikey's closet
8. junk drawers
9. drawers by window in kitchen
10. basement closet one
11. basement closet two
12. basement closet three
13. Yarn closet
14. Laundry room day one
15. Laundry room day two
16. Garage day one
17. Garage day two
18. Garage day three
19. Garage day four
20. Entry way day one
21. Entry way day two
22. Spice closet
23. book holder
24. pantry
25. mikey toys
26. danielle toys
27. scrap booking stash day one
28. scrap booking stash day two
29. Kitchen snack closet
30. Cleaning supplies
31. Yarn day one
32. yarn day two
33. refridgerator
34. gardening supplies
35. living room
36. baking supplies
37. bathroom drawers
38. bathroom drawers second room
39. husband's drawers
40. garage one last time

So here is my lofty list... thanks to Bec at Little Lucy Lu for the inspiration.

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