Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working mom...or just a crazy mom?

Well as most of my family and friends who read this know, for two years when we first moved here to Duluth Mn from Miramar Fl 6 years ago, I stayed home. I went back to work when Mikey went to school, as finding daycare here for him was hard.

So whats the point you might ask ? Well since then I have become this weird version of myself, never having enough time to do it all or even come close. The first two years I struggled to find myself, I mean who was I? I have two beautiful children but I was not able to do the mom things I wanted to do. I also couldn't do the work things I wanted, I do not have teaching license here and because MN is so s, in order for me to have it I would have to do more school. The reason that was out is that I owe over 70 grand for the three degrees I currently don't use, there are not a whole lot of teaching jobs here and with working full time, I did not want to give up more time with my kids.

So I work in Corporate America, and it is okay. But the hard part for me is finding that balance. Getting dinner on the table when I might be working over fifty hours a week, or getting my kids to their after school activities on time, being okay with having to miss things like my daughter's girl scout installment because I have to work.

My biggest help in finding my balance is planning. This year I am using a new organization system. I bought the motivated mom system again

and I also found some additional pages that I just loved here: It is the dayplanner link

I printed them all out at office max and I am picking them today. Super exciting. I also bought a great mom calendar, I have always used the busy mom calendar but this year I went with a different one. I liked it because it came with magnets.

I am off to clean up the house and do my errands.

I am looking for a good recipe system, if you have one that makes your meal time easy, let me know.


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  1. I find balance is key for most of us moms. Even though I'm home with the kids, I struggle with balance. In a few years, you might be in a very different place or situation.

    Hang in there. You're not crazy. You're a mom.